Postcards from the Trenches

Institutional and Organizational Donors

  • University of Houston
    • The Honors College
    • The German and Italian Programs of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages
    • El Paso Corporation Speaker Series through the Center for Public History
    • The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
    • The Department of Health and Human Performance
  • George Mason University
    • The Department of History & Art History
    • The School of Art
    • The Office of the Provost
  • German Information Center, Washington, D.C.
  • Goethe-Institut, Washington, D.C.
  • Bundesverwaltungsamt, Germany
  • The Houston Saengerbund

Individual Donors

Suzanne Deal Booth and David G. Booth
Beth Madison/Madison Charitable Foundation
Gus and Sharon Kopriva (and a matching grant from Dow Chemical)
Douglas and Jennifer Erwing
Konnie Gregg (in honor of Mark Gregg)
Jude Samson
Sandra Sykora Ross and Steve Ross
Suzie Hairston and Charles Soparkar
Mary Mattison
Andrew and Sarah Boyd
Ted and Sybil Estess
Sara White
Debbie Harwell
The Beck Family Foundation
The Wurtzel Family Foundation
The Adler Family Foundation
Keelin Burrows
Marie Leterme and Rudolf Pessier

The many individuals who donated to the Kickstarter fund-raising campaign

Suzie Hairston & Charles Soparkar
Patricia Waters
Kimberly Meyer
Ashley Sanchez
Daniel Davis
Annette Collie
Christine Barrett
Jorge Martorell
Lorenzo Dutto
Debby Baker
Debbie Harwell
Judith Butler Dollar
Joan Son
Gabriella Hauser
Emma Brown
Brenda Rhoden
Nancy Clark
Jay S. Ginsburg
Sarah Tucker
Leslie Espinoza
Judith Vezeau-Shipp
Susan Shaw
William Lambert
Michiko McMahon
Blake Matejowsky
Rita Dilbert
Marco Segura
James Turnbull
Samuel Chen
Ellen Power
Christian Holata
Jacqueline & Craig Miller
Sandra Sykora Ross & Steve Ross
Matthew Flukinger
Konnie Gregg
Ashley Sanchez
Peter Hyland
Ton La
David Judson
Sarah Dyer
Patricia Deeves
Laura Rossi
Alicia Church
Linda Knowles
Helen Baffes-Febry
Kelly Moran
Sarah Jackson
Rahim Tazehzadeh
Donna Kruszewska
William Kluesner
Michael James Barton
Virginia Mohlere
Pamela Ecker
Carl N. Oerke, Jr.
Josh Mann
Robert Welch
Nancy Marvel
Isaiah Broussard
Celeste Rockwood-Jones
Dean Putney
Michael John Dale
Carmen Stearns
Brandy Love